5 Reasons Why Women Make Better Customer Service Representatives

If you know a thing or two about the customer service industry, you would know that there are certain skills that need to be acquired if one wants to be the best customer service representative possible. These including listening skills, patience and being a good conversationalist. The fact of the matter is that women tend to be better CSRs than men because they often have these qualities from the get go. Here are some reasons why women make better CSRs.

#1 Better Listening Skills

Women generally have excellent listening skills. This may sound odd to you, but the fact of the matter is that us guys just don’t have the same abilities as women in this department. We tend to zone out sometimes when women are talking because of the fact that they speak in such intricate detail, but whenever women talk to each other they are somehow able to hang on to every word.

You see, men tend to hear what they want to hear. We retain about twenty five percent of what has actually been said. However, if you are talking to a customer, chances are that they are not going to cut to the chase. Their queries and problems are going to be hidden within a tapestry of conversation, and women are naturally going to be better at understanding what customers are talking about and extracting the actual information from within the convoluted sentences they are going to be uttering.

#2 A Lot More Patience

Men tend to be aggressive and impatient, this much can be gleaned from just a few encounters with random men. Women are naturally patient, after all they have to deal with all of our nonsense on a daily basis. Women have a maternal quality to them that makes it easier for them to deal with someone that might be throwing a tantrum. If you have ever spoken to an irate customer before you would know that they often act like children, and a woman is going to be better than anyone else at patiently listening and giving them what they might be looking for. Help desks such as Intercom as well as Intercom competitors like Kayako create a barrier between customer and CSR that makes it easier to stay patient, but the skill itself remains something that is essential to success in this field.

Men tend to react aggressively whenever they are faced with aggression themselves. This is a problem that needs to go away, but the fact of the matter is that it is not going away any time soon. While men try to unlearn the immediate aggression that we have inculcated within ourselves, women can hold the fort and give customers the experience that they are truly looking for.

One of the biggest reasons why patience is a virtue especially in the world of customer service is because of the fact that customers tend to meander a lot when they are discussing their problems. You need to be patient to get to the end of the story and figure out what the problem actually is in the first place.

#3 Better Empathy Skills

Being a good customer service representative is about a lot more than just communication skills and the like. There are quite a few other things that you need to do as well, such as empathize with the customer. This is extremely important because of the fact that so many customers out there don’t get the sort of support they need simply because of the fact that the representative that they were talking to did not take their query or problem seriously enough.

Empathy actually makes you a better communicator. If a customer is suffering because of a poor product or service that they were given, an apology is not going to cut it. You need to try and think of a way to make them feel better, and you need to derive most of this from the conversation that you are having.

Have you ever spoken to a woman about a problem that you are facing? When they reply to you they are going to give you a lot of indicators that they are listening fully and that the problems that you are facing are completely valid. Acknowledgements, indignation when it is appropriate, laughter when it is appropriate, more acknowledgement, this is what you are going to get when you speak to a woman about your problems. Moreover, this is exactly how customer service representatives need to start behaving if they want their customers to start taking them seriously.

#4 Better Problem Solving Skills

One of the biggest mistakes that customer service representatives make is that they start explaining the problem that occurred. This is a mistake because of the fact that customers usually don’t want to hear it. They want to talk about the problem that they are facing and then have the problem solved. They want to hear you as little as possible because they don’t stand to gain anything from listening in the first place.

The fact of the matter is that women know how to solve problems. Men never really learn to solve problems the way women do. Let’s face it, we are babied a lot more than women are because of the fact that women have a lot more responsibilities in the household. Their problem solving skills come from a life long training session, ours at most come from preparation for employment. Hence, good problem solving is ingrained within a woman’s psyche.

Woman also tend to be a lot more tenacious when it comes to problem solving. If they are faced with a customer that is somehow unsatisfied with the sort of service that they have been provided, they are going to be dogged in their pursuit of problem resolution. They tend to be out of the box thinkers because the problems that life trains them to solve are decided out of the box themselves. Empathy definitely has a role to play in this area, much like it does in the wide variety of other reasons that women are good at doing the things that they do.

#5 Conversational Skills

Talking to people is a skill. Any introvert will tell you the same. However, being a good conversationalist goes beyond being an introvert or an extrovert, it becomes about having the skills necessary to make the other person comfortable while they are talking to you. It is safe to say that women are very, very good at this, so much so that they are able to navigate rather difficult conversational territory with an utter mastery that baffles most men.

More than that, women are great at talking on the phone. The gossipy hen always on the phone is definitely a stereotype but it is rooted in truth. Mobility has always been an issue for a gender as disenfranchised as women, and the invention of phone technology made it easier for women to stay in touch with one another. Men were always able to just get up and go wherever they wanted, society was not as hospitable to women. Hence, it was natural that women would pick up on this technology more easily than men would. The result is that women have a knack for keeping a phone conversation smooth and flowing.

All in all, it is pretty clear that women have certain innate talents that make it so much easier for them to handle the job of customer service representatives a lot better than men are often able to. As for men, we have a lot to learn from women if we want to be as naturally intuitive when it comes to customer service. Pretty much every industry relies on this sort of thing, and the innate skills of women can end up being the bulwark upon which these industries rest.