A Mompreneurs Guide To Savoring Summer With Your Kids (And Still Reach Your Business Goals)

It’s almost summer vacation around here and let me tell you, this momma is so ready.

I am most looking forward to lazy afternoons at the pool with my kids and a good book, all the teenage boys that will be running in and out of my house, and the break from the car rider line.

I love summer.

Summer is one of my favorite times of the year with my two boys. Now that my boys are older summers are quite different then when they were younger, but they can still be lots of fun. I just have to be intentional about it.

And honestly, that’s what this post is all about. You might have clicked on this post hoping for some great advice on how to survive your summer with the kids home as you try to reach your business goals. And I promise to deliver you that. But before we get started I want to help you replace the word “struggle” with “savor”.

My goal is to help you savor this summer with your kids and still rock out your business goals.

For those of us that have kids and run a business from our home office, summer time can get stressful and we can easily get in the mindset of trying to just “survive” summer.

I see those types of posts all over the internet these days. “How to Survive the Summer With Your Kids at Home” and “A Guide to Surviving the Summer Months With Your Kids at Home as a Work From Home Mom”.

I’m not going to lie. Those posts make me a little sad. Isn’t one of the main reasons we “work from home” moms started our business in the first place was to be home with our kids? Hating on summer time with our kids at home is kind of the opposite of that, don’t you think?

Summertime can be a great time for both our business and our relationship with our kids. But it’s up to us to make it that way.

We don’t have to sacrifice our business goals while our kids are home just like we don’t have to sacrifice having a memorable summer with our kids to rock out our business.

Here is my guide to savoring your summer with your kids while still kicking tale in your business.


Our experience with anything always starts with our mindset.

Instead of viewing the summertime as a time to “survive”, change that perspective. View the summertime as a time to grow closer to your kids, make some amazing family memories and get some rest and recharging time in for yourself as well.

Recognize that if managed correctly, you can have a productive summer in your business and have an amazing time with your kids. Choose to believe that and then create a plan to make it happen.


You know your kids best. Take some time to really think about each of your kids and their needs. Consider their ages, how much attention each of them requires, and what types of activities they will enjoy this summer.

Each summer with your kids will be different as they grow and change. What worked last summer might not work for them this summer.

Now that my boys are teenagers, the amount of attention they need is different but I also must be more aware of what they are doing this summer when I am not around. I have to be “present” so that they have accountability and supervision.

Take into account these things…What are their sleep schedules? How much supervision do they need? What will make them feel independent of you but also important? Knowing your kids and considering what their needs will be this summer is your start to creating a plan for savoring this summer together and still being able to attack those business goals.


Don’t let the summer slip by without reaching your goals. You don’t know where you are going if you don’t have a road map to get there. Take a look at your business and decide on three or four business goals that you will work towards during the summer months.

Once you know what you want to get done, you are ready to begin creating a plan to make room for your business in you and your kids’ summer schedule.


Pull out your calendar and really look at the summer as a whole. Plug in vacations, summer camps for your kids, family outings, holidays, parties, etc.

Remember that summer is your vacation time, too. Make sure you have time allotted for fun as a family, time for you to rest and recharge your own batteries, and even a little time away from your kiddos.

I know that it can seem like because your work from home that you don’t need a vacation. But it is just as important for you to unplug and take time away from your work as someone who works outside the home full time.

Now that you have a clear long term vision for the summer months, it’s time to make a plan for when you will get down to business.


Now that you have taken a look at your entire summer with your kids home, plug into your calendar all of the work projects you want or need to complete this summer. Monthly sales goals, product creation, starting a blog, etc.

What things have you been putting off that you can plug into your work time for the summer? Because you have less time devoted to car rider line and school obligations with your kids, you might just have longer stretches of time to get that project completed that has been weighing heavy on you.

Because you have your family calendar laid out for the summer, you can see chunks of times that you can work on those bigger projects that take more time and you can see the weeks that you will be focused more on family and your kids.


This is where I see most mompreneurs struggle.

Most of the time, they go into the summer months without a plan. They assume they will have more time to work on their business because their kids are out of school for summer but they don’t have a plan.

Before they know it, July is here and they have lost half of the summer.

A plan, a structure to when you will work and when you will play is key to your thriving this summer. Now that you have went through the process of changing your perspective, knowing the stage your kids are in, creating a plan for your family and work schedules for the summer months as a whole, you need a plan to execute your goals.

The key to enjoying your summer with your kids and growing your business is to have a plan and to work when it is time to work and then play when it is time to play.

When will you work? When will you set your work aside and play with your kids? Carrying your phone or laptop with you everywhere this summer is only going to frustrate you. You can’t enjoy your summer and your kids won’t enjoy you if it feels like you are constantly working because you are trying to fit a little work in here and there while the kids are distracted.

Considering putting some of these strategies in place this summer:

  • Start a babysitting co-op. Find some other business building mommas and trade off babysitting. This will give each of you opportunities to work for longer, more focused chunks of time.
  • Enroll your kids in a few summer camps. My boys absolutely love going to camp and changing up the pace of summer vacation. During those weeks that they are away from the house for the entire week I hit my work projects hard. And then when my boys return home, I am all about spending focused time with them.
  • Find chunks of time to work. If your kids are sleeping in this summer, get up a few hours before them and get a large portion of your work done for the day. You will be surprised what you can get accomplished in three hours if you are laser focused. If your kids are still early risers in the summer, be willing to stay up late and get a chunk of work time in at night. Summer is for being creative and being flexible. This schedule isn’t forever, just for the summer.
  • Have work days and play days. Choose what days you will work and what days you will play. On work days, make those the days that your kids and you stay at home. Create a fun play area in the backyard so they have lots to keep them occupied, pull out the Harry Potter movies and pop lots of popcorn for them, or even higher a high school student to come in and help. On play days get out and go to the pool, take a trip to the zoo or meet up with some friends for a play date.