I know how hard it can be to feel worthy of the dream that has sparked a flame in your heart, to push past the fear, and to take action towards living your life on purpose

Hey there, I am a life and business coach that strives to empower women to walk confidently in the purpose God created them for. To not miss out on the greatest blessing...to be useful and purposeful. And I want to help you live out your purpose with intention and authenticity, holding nothing back. 

I am also a Squarespace web designer, small business owner, wife, mom, bookworm, runner and coffee junky. I am a broken girl that is saved by Jesus. 

I grew up in a broken home, a home filled with yelling, neglect, and selfish, toxic behavior. 

I know what it's like to struggle to know your worth, to believe that God will use all your brokenness to his glory and to have the courage to chase after a calling that keeps you up at night. 

And I am determined to help you see God show up in your life in a mighty way!

My life now is filled with so much of God's grace that I am sometimes stunned by its presence. I am reminded often of how God has taken this unworthy small town girl, born in a broken home filled with pain and heartache, and replanted her in a life filled with forgiveness, patience, love and most of all, grace.

I have so much determination to see God show up in a mighty way in my life. And I am determined to help you see God show up in your life in a mighty way, too!


about me

I started my professional life as an elementary school teacher, for 12 years in fact. I loved it! I was passionate about helping my students know their worth, believe in themselves, and to stretch themselves past their wildest dreams. We went on so many fun adventures together, those little munchkins and me.

But, I have to be honest, God started changing something in my heart. I was craving more intentional time with my two boys. They were in elementary school themselves and since I was pretty much exhausted after teaching each day, sometimes (okay...most of the time) my two boys got only the leftovers. There just wasn't enough energy to go around. Mommas, can you relate?

My husband and I decided that I would start my first business, in hopes that it would give me more freedom with my schedule to be intentional with my time with my boys and allow me to pursue a new passion.

This new business led to my second business that plopped me down in the middle of a ton of other moms striving to grow a business from their home so they could too be more intentional as a mom but still chase a passion of their own. 

Throughout my time as a small business owner I have worked alongside hundreds of women, mentoring and coaching them along their own journeys in living out their purpose. I have helped them to find their passions, purposes, and accomplish goals they had been dreaming of for years.

I am a certified Life Coach. I serve two types of women. 

First, I am a Life Purpose Coach. I coach women that are struggling to know their purpose. These women come to me dissatisfied with life in many areas and as a coach, I help them understand that fulfillment comes from living out their values and passions. We work together to re-evaluate their life, create a vision for where they want to go in various areas of their life, and walk out an action plan together. 

Second, I am a Small Business Coach, supporting women that are striving to reach their own dreams and purposes through owning their own business doing something they love. I have a special place in my heart for mom-preneurs and love helping them thrive in both their business and their role as mother. Because, they can!

My hope is to empower women to stand confidently in who God made them to be, to seek His purpose for their life and to walk out that purpose with courage and intention. 

Who is this gal, really?

I am a proud momma of two boys and married to my college sweetheart. My hubby and I are working on our 23rd year and I consider that my greatest accomplishment. My day doesn't get started until I smell the coffee pot brewing, I read books like my life depends on it (sometimes I think it does), I love my two pups almost as much as my kids, and I run lots of miles to hold on to my sanity. And I am chasing after Jesus!

When I am not hanging out in the car rider line or on a Skype or Facetime call with a coaching client, you will probably find me with my head down in my computer working on a website for a client. I am the co-owner of Socially Tailored Marketing where we provide tailored website design and marketing and copywriting services for the creative small business owner. 

about you (yes, you!)

This blog is filled with stories, encouragement and resources to light your path as you embark on your journey towards your purpose. 

You will find spiritual encouragement, my personal stories of struggle and perseverance, parenting tips, books I love to talk about, and tons of small business tips to help you grow a successful business doing something you love. 

I believe God has taken the pieces of my life up to this point to create a beautiful, well crafted mosaic for my life's purpose. That purpose is to support you on your journey towards living out God's calling on your life. I am passionate about partnering with you to help you reach your fullest potential! 


Let's be friends!

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