My greatest aim in life is to walk confidently in the purpose God created me for. To not miss out on the greatest blessing, to be useful and purposeful.

I'm Rebecca Renfrow, a proud momma of two boys and married to my college sweetheart. My day doesn't get started until I smell the coffee pot brewing, I read books like my life depends on it (sometimes I think it does) and I run lots of miles to hold on to my sanity. 

There is a lot of brokenness in my past. I reach out to Jesus daily to fill the cracks in my heart. My life motto is More Jesus and less of me. 

My hope is to empower women to stand confidently in who God made them to be, to seek His purpose for their life and to walk out that purpose with courage and intention. 

I am a coach for women that are striving to reach their goals and dreams faster, through intention and focus. I particularly love working with mompreneurs, because well, we get each other. Check out my coaching page to learn more about my jam!

When I am not hanging out in the car rider line or on a skype call with a coaching client, you will probably find me with my head down in my computer working on a website for a client. I am the co-owner of Socially Tailored Marketing where we provide tailored website design and marketing and copywriting services for the creative small business owner.