Hey there…I’m Rebecca Renfrow

Blessed mom, wife and coffee loving creative entrepreneur behind A Life On Purpose. I help mompreneurs turn their passion into a successful, profitable business they love so they can LIVE THEIR LIFE ON PURPOSE!


The “A Life On Purpose” blog is your weekly resource for step-by-step guides in structuring your business, reaching goals and keeping your priorities as both a mom and business owner intact.


Once a week I send out an email with an actionable tip, insight, or strategy specifically for moms striving to run a successful business while being the mom they dream of being. Think of it as an exclusive “A Life On Purpose” blog post in your inbox each week.


I help mom business owners push past resistance; the place where fear sets in, self doubt is taking over, and overwhelm is at an all time high. Together, we clarify your target, create realistic actions to hit that goal, maximize your efforts, and maintain priorities as a mom and business owner so you can fully reside in your purpose.


Several times a week, you can find me hosting a LIVE broadcast over on Facebook. These trainings are designed to help you live with intention as a mom and entrepreneur.

How It All Started

My journey as an entrepreneur started when my mom started hers. When I was in elementary school, my mom opened a women’s clothing store in our community. I watched her turn her gifts into a business that she loved. This allowed her to chase her own dreams and still be the mom she wanted to be to my brother and sister and me.

I started my first business 7+ years ago. Just like my mom, I had a love for fashion and was gifted in helping other women feel confident in their skin by teaching them how to put outfits together that highlighted their unique personalities.

Like many of you, I didn’t know what I was doing but I made it up as a I went. My mom was my first “business coach” and I leaned on her for guidance and encouragement.

Before starting my first business, I was a classroom teacher for 12 years.

After having my two sons, I wanted to start a business that was centered around what I loved, served others, and allowed me to be home with my boys.

I opened a women’s clothing boutique and then went on to become a top income earner in network marketing for five years. In that profession, I coached and mentored women in all stages of their business.

I am now a business coach and run a social media strategy freelance firm with my friend and business partner.

My experience as an entrepreneur and leader has allowed me to connect with other moms and give them practical advice and solutions for their personal and business development.

I help women entrepreneurs keep their priorities intact, develop leadership, goal setting and business strategies that work for moms that are not only living out their dream as a mom, but also as a successful business owner.

I hold an Elementary Education degree from Oklahoma State University. My husband, Eric, and I call Hideaway, Texas home, with our two sons, Gavin and Gage.

When you can’t find me here on the blog or with my family watching a movie, you can find me on a light jog with my dog Zoe or curled up with a good book.