Have an idea? Don't be afraid to act. 3 Steps to Make it Happen.

Ever had a great idea that just felt so right for you? Or maybe you have found yourself wanting to make a change for yourself such as change jobs, start a business, or start an exercise plan to get healthier and more fit? But then when it came time to act, you came up with 100 reasons as to why right now isn't the best time. Or you let the seeds of fear and doubt rob your confidence and before you knew it the great idea or desire in your heart turned to a dull ache, something you once had considered but you played it safe. 

There are two types of people in this world - the successful and the just average. The successful are active people, taking risks and following through on ideas and plans, crossing the bridges that life puts in their path. The average people are passive, postponing doing things until it feels just right or they have proven why it isn't a good idea after all. Which one would you like to be? The cool part, we get to choose for ourselves. 

1. Have an idea? Decide to do something about it. Don't bury it deep in your mental graveyard because you are afraid to act on it. Give your ideas value by acting on them. Regardless of how good the idea actually is, if you never act you will never know. 

2. Make a plan. Break the project or idea down into manageable parts. Want to write a book? Give yourself a deadline and then decide what needs to happen in order for you to complete your book. Set monthly and weekly goals that are realistic but push you to take consistent, persistent action. Take daily action to reach your weekly and monthly goals. Don't look at the whole pie. Cut it into pieces and eat one slice at a time. 

3. Take action. Action breeds confidence. Period. I have found that fear sets in and takes root on the days that I don't take action towards reaching my goals. Take action and watch your confidence soar. However, inaction in all forms feed fears. To fight fear, act!