Who Really Cares What They Think?

I stopped dead in my tracks when my friend and mentor, April, founder of the Creative Brandista, said and I quote "My fear of what people think of me is not serving me and not serving other people who need it." Powerful.

I was that girl. And I can fall back into the quicksand of being that girl in the blink of an eye. You know the one. The one so worried about what others think of her that she is paralyzed by fear. The one that wants everyone to think that she has it all together because that is her safe zone. When in actuality, her house is a wreck, she hasn't cooked a decent meal for her family in a month, she wakes up covered in self doubt, and her confidence is in the tanks. 

There is something to be said for craving acceptance. We all want to be a part of the group, a feeling of belonging to something. I know I do. I missed that growing up (that is an entirely different blog post) and I can easily want that more than I want to be my own person if I don't keep myself in check. But when we desire acceptance from others more than we desire to be our uniquely created, badass selves then we choose what others think over our true happiness. 

I woke up about a year ago with a deep desire to love myself. That starts by caring more about what I think of myself than what others think of me. When we can truly say that we are our most important asset we will start to treat ourselves well. And then we can start to discover what drives our passion, purpose, and dreams. That is where the magic happens!

But that isn't enough is it? Not in my opinion. When we discover that our uniqueness makes us fire starter status, we need to open that up to the world. Just as April said, we aren't serving ourselves or others when we worry about what others think. That fear needs to be faced head on. People deserve to hear your story and mine. Because we all have one. And they are worth telling.