7 Reasons Why Moms Make Great Entrepreneurs

Moms make great entrepreneurs.

But most of the time, we moms are the first to discredit ourselves. We say things like "I'm just a mom". We don't believe that what we do each and every day is special or unique.

I am here to set the record straight. You do have the skills to become an entrepreneur and build a business around something you are passionate about. You just have to want it bad enough. 

Let me help you see why moms make great entrepreneurs.



As soon as a woman becomes a mom, her sense of purpose takes her into a new realm. She sees her life as having the purpose of raising this tiny baby into a loving, service driven adult. She is able to push past fear and put her ego and selfish tendencies aside. She is now in the business of service every single day.


Have you ever seen a mom go to work when the scheduled clown can't make it to the birthday party last minute? Moms know how to work under pressure and make adjustments as needed. Juggling multiple issues while putting out fires that keep popping up is her expertise. 


From the mom that has toddlers to keep occupied to the mom of teenagers that are trying to keep those kids fed, moms have to be creative and efficient. Moms are party planners, networkers, drill sergeants, and managers all wrapped up into one living, breathing person. Moms know how to turn something unattractive into something unique and gorgeous. We just make it work!


If you are a mom, then you get me on this one. One day I feel like a rockstar mom and the next day I am picking myself up because I just fell flat on my face again. There are so many emotional ups and downs to being a mom. We are dealing with tiny humans that have their own agenda after all. Our ability to see the silver lining and know that things always get better is a key component of being a business owner. 


Moms simply don't give up. Even when everything feels like it is falling apart around us, we don't give up. We pick ourselves up and keep moving forward. We aren't afraid of the dirty work and know how to clean up a mess without losing our cool. We may give in sometimes, but we don't give up. 

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If you are a mom, you have mastered the skill of negotiation. Remember that toddler that turns his nose up to green beans but screams for ice cream? The negotiation skills of moms is always on point. Moms are also in constant problem solving mode, keeping multiple balls in the air and lots of people happy and motivated. Moms also aren't afraid to speak their mind. They know when it's important to be confident in their decisions and focused on standing up for what is right. We cheer, we encourage, we inspire and we ourselves are always learning and growing.


Moms quickly learn how fast time passes. One minute a mom is holding her brand new baby and the next she is dropping him off at college. Because moms understand that time is important, that we only get a limited amount of it, making the most of a new business opportunity is easy for a mom to understand. She works hard, takes advantage of every opportunity and doesn't waste time worrying too much about the what ifs. She gets down to business. 

Not every mom is cut out for business ownership. But as you can see from these seven reasons, moms have a skill set that I believe will carry them far as an entrepreneur. 

Are you a mom that runs a business? Leave me a comment and tell me about it!


Rebecca Renfrow helps women business owners push forward and reach their goals so they can grow a thriving business that they love and live their life on purpose. She is also the co-owner of Socially Tailored Marketing, a freelance firm that specializes in helping entrepreneurs who want to build their brand and influence in the marketplace but feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with the ever changing rules of social media and the time it takes to learn the many facets of online marketing. She is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs live their life on purpose because otherwise, what's the point?!

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