Craving a More Productive Day? It's How You Start Your Day That Matters

It is 10:00 am. 

You're still walking around with coffee in hand, teeth unbrushed, and PJs on.

Your day isn't getting off to a very productive start.

I found myself struggling to get going each morning and make the most of my day. I would end the day feeling guilty because my to do list hadn't seen much traction and I struggled to have the energy all day to get "the things" done.

I made some changes to my morning routine and am much more productive throughout the day.

Five tips for getting your day started off on the right foot

1. Go to bed at your regular bedtime the night before.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that we get 7-9 hours of sleep each night. I had a bad habit of waiting to go to bed when I was tired. I started staying up later and later each night. Not only was I not getting anything productive accomplished during those late night hours (Netflix got most of my attention) but I also struggled to get out of bed the next morning and felt tired all day. 

I created a bedtime routine that helped me get to bed on time and wake up feeling rested and ready to take on the day.

2. Avoid scrolling through Facebook or Instagram first thing in the morning.

Mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or Instagram as soon as our eyes open isn't the way to start our day. Not only is this a time waister, but this is when the comparison sets in. Your friend has already posted an inspirational quote and healthy breakfast pic and you aren't even out of bed yet. You feel like a failure before your feet hit the floor. The defeated feeling starts to zap your energy and you haven't had your eyes open for more than five minutes. up the First 5 app and read a five minute devotional to better start your day. You will be both inspired and motivated. 

3. Set your intentions for the day.

Intentions are the fuel to accomplishing your goals. An intention will help create more clarity for your day, especially if it is set first thing in the morning. 

Here are some example intentions for your day:

  • I intend to be present with my kids today
  • I intend to run three miles
  • I intend to finish that project at work today
  • I intend to make at least five people smile today
  • I intend to cook a healthy dinner for my family
  • I intend to go to bed on time tonight to start my busy weekend off full of energy and happiness

4. Drink lemon water.

Everyone knows that coffee is my second love, a close second behind my hubby. But I find that I will drink it well into the late morning (sometimes even into the afternoon if I am not mindful). I now drink lemon water each morning before I dive into my first cup of coffee. This is an excellent way to get my body and mind moving. The Wellness Mama does a great job of explaining the health benefits of lemon water

5. Drink your Greens.

For the past four years, I have loved drinking Greens each morning to set me up for a productive, energy filled day. Not only do I get in my 8 servings of fruits and veggies (Because let's face it, who really gets 8 servings of organic raw fruits and veggies in each day?) but I also get a boost of energy to keep me going all day. Long gone are the afternoon slumps!

Make your morning routine a priority and watch your productivity skyrocket.

Now that I have shared my morning routines, what are some things you do each morning to get you off to a great start?