Discover the One Word That Will Change Your Life

One word. 

That's all you need. 

The new year is approaching. You feel underwhelmed when you look back at this past year. Your heart burns to make this upcoming year meaningful, epic even. 

But you feel unsure about how to make that happen. You have let yourself down this past year, given up on yourself more times than you can count, and wonder if you have what it takes to make your dreams a reality. 

You are not alone sweet friend. I felt the same way at the end of 2014. And something had to change.

My soul was telling me I wanted more from myself. 2014 just hadn't cut it. That is when I discovered a little book with a red cover that would forever change the way I look at the new year and setting goals. 

It all starts with One Word.

I am going to teach you how to discover your own one word. It will change your life. Ready?

I think of "resolution" as a dirty word. A word that is covered with feelings of failure and defeat. So I don't do those. I don't even think in terms of New Year's resolutions.

I think more in terms of intentions and goals.

I love the word "intention". For me, it shows promise and capability. It says that my heart is aligned with my soul and I have the best laid plans ready. I am willing. That is how I set goals. Around my best intentions.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. We aren't talking about goals just yet. 

Today we are discovering one word that will be our theme of the entire year. This one word is where our intentions and goals are born.

Did you know that only 8% of those that set goals for the New Year actually achieve them? Crazy! That makes my heart hurt. All of that disappointment can be avoided.

I knew I wanted 2015 to be different, more focused on growing myself and becoming the person that I am designed to be. I love books so it wasn't a surprise when I stumbled across One Word That Will Change Your Life by Jon Gordon at the end of 2014. As soon as I read the introduction I knew I had my hands on something special.

"One Word That Will Change Your Life is a proven way to create clarity, power, passion, and life change. Each year, resolutions are rarely kept, and goals are often easily forgotten. But One Word sticks. By living a single word that is meant for you, you’ll find renewed purpose and meaning throughout that year and achieve laser like focus and power for your life.” -One Word That Will Change Your Life

After three days, much journaling and praying, and following the steps laid out in the book, I discovered Fearless was my word for 2015. 

Throughout this year, I filtered my goals, actions and thoughts through the word fearless. I asked myself along the way if I was letting fear hold me back or was I pushing fear aside and being brave.

This new approach helped me to start a blog, run my personal best half marathon, start a podcast with my friend and business partner, grow my business, and help my family through devastating illnesses. 

I accomplished more, lived more, and loved more. All because I filtered everything through this one little word: fearless.

Fast forward 12 months and I find myself here again. Discovering a brand new word for a brand new year.

I must say... I love this process.

Before I started searching for one single word that would guide my year, I felt lost. Afraid even. I was unable to focus on who God made me to be.

I would choose year long goals that originated from my comparison of myself to other people. What did they have that I thought I needed in my life to be happy? How could I go about getting that?

And all that got me was nowhere close to feeling happy with my self. 

In the past few days, I have followed the exact plan that is laid out in the book and have discovered a brand new one word theme for 2016.

The one muscle that I crave to be my strongest is my confidence. I is the theme of this entire blog after all.

Deep in my soul I desire to feel bold, significant to myself, authentically me in all things, and vibrant, full of life. When I write these words down, journal about them, and meditate on them, I know I have hit my sweet spot. When I take actions that make me feel bold, significant, authentic and vibrant my confidence grows. 

So there you have it. Confident is my word for 2016.

Now it is your turn? What will your word be for 2016?

Follow these steps to determine your One Word and watch your life transform.

Step One: Reflect

Before we can move forward, I believe it is just as important to reflect on the past. I am not saying to dwell and live in the past because that is unchanging. There is no sense in worrying about the things we cannot change. However, we can learn from the past. Take some time to reflect on your past year. It can give you eyes to see where your path should lead from here. I encourage you to not skip this step. It will give you clarity on where your heart is leading you.

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Step Two: Discover your word

This step is critical to your success in accomplishing your goals. Don’t skimp on it. John Wooden, one of the greatest coaches ever, always told his players, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

I recommend reading One Word That Will Change Your Life. The book is designed so that you can read it in just 49 minutes and the process is simple. You will learn about the conception of One Word and learn the theory behind how it will change your entire process of working towards your goals.

Here is a simple breakdown:

1. Prepare Your Heart: Look In

  • Unplug
  • Ask a few essential questions
    • What do I need?
    • What's in my way?
    • What needs to go?

2. Discover your word: look up

  • Now that you've prepared your heart, you are ready to receive your word. Did you know that God has a word that is meant specifically for you? Ask God to reveal your word to you with this question:
    • What do you want to do in me and through me?
  • Once you have discovered your word, write it down. It is yours. Just for you.

3. live your word: look out

  • Now it is time to live your word out. This is where the real work happens. This is your time to make a change in your life. Right here.
  • Keep your One Word in front of you at all times. Consider different ways that you will keep your word as a constant reminder.
    • Make a screen savor on your phone
    • Write it on a notecard and stick it in the dashboard of your car
    • Write it in big letters on your bathroom mirror
    • Paint it on a sign to hang in your home office to serve as a daily reminder

Make the investment. Take the time to unplug. Ask yourself the hard questions. Discover the word that will be the theme of the dreams and goals you will accomplish this year.

You can purchase the book here in hardback or on Kindle.

Step Three: Believe that you can live out your theme for the year

Believe that amazing things can happen in 2016.

Write your word in places that you will see it daily. Write it out in a way that claims your word as truth you already live out. 

Repeat it to yourself over and over.

You are capable of living out your word and are fully equipped to reach your goals. Believe it. Own it. Tattoo it on your arm if you have to. You are ready!

A brand new year is filled with promise but can also be daunting.

You might wonder if it is even worth making plans and dreaming about accomplishing your goals in the new year. In the past, you have given up when it got tough so you wonder why even bother. Oh friend, you are not alone. 

But the secret to making this next year different than all the rest is discovering one word. That one word that describes how you want to feel deep in your core. 

Start now. Don't skip out. You are worth it. 

In my next post I will teach you how to build goals around your one word. 

So...stay tuned.