Don't Quit Just Yet: Three Tips for Sticking with Your Goals Half Way Through

Don't quit just yet. 

Transparent moment. I am a chronic goal setter. But I am also a chronic goal dropper. 

At the end of last year I looked back on my year and saw a pattern. I loved setting goals but most of the time I gave up halfway through only to pick the goal back up again later. It was a pattern of setting goals, giving up half way through, waiting for a clean slate like the start of a new month, and picking that same goal up again. Only to repeat the same pattern over and over. I was getting nowhere fast.

I can't tell you the number of times I have I started a healthy eating plan on the first day of the month and by day three I am sneaking cookies in my pantry. Like I said, chronic goal dropper. 

I have dreams. Setting goals each month to turn around and table them for the next month wasn't getting my dreams accomplished. I had to make a drastic change in my goal setting process and change my way of thinking about goals. 

The middle of the month is a good time to stop and take a look at where you are with the goals you set for the month. 

We have two choices...we can keep moving forward or we can table the goal and put it off until next month.  

Is there a goal that you set at the beginning of the month that you stopped focusing on and are considering just waiting until the start of the new month (the clean slate) to pick it up again? 

Instead of giving up and putting it off until next month, try these three steps to get back in the game. 


Instead of being hard on yourself and throwing in the towel simply love yourself enough to realize that life happens to all of us. Remind yourself of why you set the goal in the first place. Do you still want to accomplish it? If so, then love yourself enough to say you won't just drop it. You are worth it.


Be honest with yourself. You aren't where you wanted to be by this time of the month, but if you drop the goal all together then you will stay in the same exact place. Isn't it better to rewrite the goal just a bit and then continue on? Where will you be at the first of next month if you keep moving forward now? Evaluate and adjust.


Now that you have decided you are worth it and you have re-evaluated your goal in a way that allows you to move forward from here, take action today. Don't put it off one more day. This will rev up your confidence and give you the energy to see it through these last two weeks. 

Join me in this quest to stop giving up on goals just because we aren't exactly where we thought we would be. Life happens. We are busy moms, wives, and working women. 

But...we are DETERMINED. And that determination is what will set your dreams on fire. 

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