How Do You Define Success?

I am approaching my seventh year as a full time entrepreneur and within that time frame I have felt less than successful more times than I would like to admit. Even though I was turning a good profit, loving what I was doing and creating a schedule that allowed me to be the kind of mom I wanted to be, I still would find myself covered in self doubt and feeling like a failure. 

But when I learned to stay focused on my why for being in business and grow my business around what I believe is my life's purpose, I was able to create my own definition of success. 

In order for us to truly feel successful in our business, we must first define what success means to us...


It's easy for us to get wrapped up in making money in our business. And yes, turning a profit and supporting our families is definitely an important result. But making money is simply just that...a result. When we boil it all down and get to the true source of why we started our business in the first place, it wasn't to make money. It was what making money in our business would provide. 

I started my business because:

  • I wanted to help other women feel more confident and know their worth.
  • I wanted to have more time to spend with my two sons.
  • I desired the freedom and control running my own business would provide.
  • And I wanted the ability to do work that I love.

What about you? Why did you start your business? What will making money in your business allow you to do?


We all go through different seasons in our lives, from the time we were single to watching our children graduate from college. The varying seasons bring different responsibilities and demands on our time and budgets. 

It's important to recognize the season we are in for what it is and to put realistic expectations on ourselves during those different times. If you have small children at home each day you may be in the season where you simply want to work a couple of hours a day. Your financial goal may be a few hundred dollars a month of extra spending money or the funds to take a summer vacation as a family.

For me, now that my boys are a little older (teenagers...yikes!) they are much more independent. I am able to focus more uninterrupted time to my business then when they were younger, while still being available to them when they need me most. 

Be mindful of the season of life you are in and show yourself grace. Don't wish each season away. Remember that sooner than later you will be in another season with a whole different set of expectations.

Take a look at your business. Aside from financial benefits, what does it provide in your life? The freedom to work from your home office, a flexible schedule, the opportunity to be a blessing to your clients and employees?


One of the biggest issues I see women entrepreneurs struggling with is comparison. Most of the time we are comparing ourselves with someone else who is in a completely different phase in their business. We see their hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, thousands of sales, and a flurry of shares and support and think I will never have that reach.

But what we forget to recognize is that they all started at ground zero, with one follower and one sale. When we compare our beginning to their middle we are only sabotaging our own success. Instead of looking to them as a target we won't ever reach, look at their business as a target you will reach. If they can do, so can you. Be inspired by their success and use it as fuel and a confidence boost that you will have the same success if you simply be consistent and don't give up. 


Knowing your life's purpose (why you are on this planet at this given time in history) and growing your business around that purpose is key to creating a business that you not only love, but is successful by all definitions of the word. 

I am excited to be launching "A Life On Purpose Inner Circle" on March 1st. The Inner Circle is designed to ground and nurture you when you need a healthy dose of perspective and fuel your journey as an entrepreneur. It's a private spot filled with teaching on how to BREAK FREE from your limiting beliefs that are holding you captive, how to center your business around your life's purpose, and how to reach and attract your ideal clients online. 


Now that you have a clearer definition of what success means to you and have stopped comparing yourself to others in different phases of business, it's important to track your progress along the way. Each step forward that you make, no matter how small, will make you feel more and more successful. 

Don't just track how many sales you make or how many new followers you have on social media. Also track your growth in learning new skills, taking risks in your business and how well you are staying focused on why you started your business in the first place. 

Important Note: An important element to defining your own success is having goals that are centered around your purpose. It isn't too late to set goals for this new year that truly do matter to you. Download my free interactive eBook to help you do just that!