How to Hustle in Your Business Even When Your Confidence is Low

Once upon a time there was a 37 year old mom of two boys.

She was a teacher. She loved teaching but hated that she missed out on so much of her boys' lives. And above all, she was burned out. To a crisp!

She decided to become an entrepreneur and work from home. Creating her own schedule and being 100% available to her boys. And feel like a super mom.

Eyebrows were raised when she handed in her notice. You see, she had won several awards as a teacher and showed such passion in what she did as an educator. Why would she want to set up her own business and leave the education world?

She wasn't sure how it would all turn out or what God had in store. But she was going to give it her best shot.

Fast forward to January 2016 . . . and that crazy mom of two boys has built a successful business from home. She's made amazing friendships and has helped countless other women grow their own business so they can feel like a super mom, too.

The secret? Hard work and continuing the hustle even when self doubt sets in.

One of the major issues I see women entrepreneurs deal with is working through the overwhelm and lack of confidence. They get stuck, paralyzed and frozen. My answer . . . push through with hustle.

Let me share with you my four tips on pushing through your self doubt.


1. Remember WHY you started in the first place

When you feel self doubt start to creep its way into your thoughts remember why you started your business in the first place. What was the driving force that made you want to be an entrepreneur and be 100% in control of your time and decisions? What dream was embedded in your heart from the very beginning? Write this down. Post it somewhere you will see it each day. Come back to it each time you start to doubt yourself.

2. Engage in quiet prayer and positive affirmations daily 

I am a huge believer in prayer and the power that a close relationship with God has over our lives. Spending time with Him daily is key to overcoming a low self confidence in all areas of our lives, especially our businesses. Trust in Him and follow the path he is leading you down.

Did you know that when Suze Orman started working on Wall Street she had no experience or money? She felt intimidated and even unworthy of the opportunity. She was determined to create the future she wanted, so she used affirmations to help her through the fear. I have just started using this Affirmations for Entrepreneurs app and so far, it is a win. 

3. Create a detailed plan

The biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs make is they don't have a plan. They are just floating through the day willy nilly. When the end of the day comes and they haven't accomplished much they start to question their abilities. And there it comes...self doubt and their confidence plummets.

If you commit to setting goals for the month, creating an action plan for your week and even preparing for the upcoming day the night before, you will be shocked to see your confidence blossom. I explain this process in more detail here.

4. Take action

Now that you have a detailed plan and are organized it is time to take massive action. Action breeds confidence. Period. 

I coach people everyday that are struggling with self doubt and low self confidence. What I see them doing is waiting until they feel confident before taking action. Well, guess what? They are still waiting. Because confidence doesn't ever come before action. Confidence is like a muscle that must be used. Only when we take action will we begin to feel more confident. 

I want you to think back to a time when you accomplished something even though you were afraid. Do you remember how it felt when you took action even when you were afraid and you pushed through your comfort zone? Pretty amazing, right?  

Maybe you are saying, "Rebecca...but I get so overwhelmed. My todo list is so long I don't know where to start or what to do first so I just do nothing." Well, my sweet friend...check out this post where I give you five really awesome steps on calming the chaos

Being an entrepreneur is hard.

Especially when our confidence is in the tubes. 

But it is so rewarding when our head space and actions are moving us in the right direction.

The number one thing you can do to overcome self doubt is to take action. I challenge you to follow these four tips and watch your confidence soar.