How to Know If It is Time to Walk Away

I wanted to quit.

Pack up all of my business stuff and say "peace out" to the life as an entrepreneur.

I was going through a funk in my business. I hit a wall, felt like I was failing, and found it hard to breathe at times because of the anxiety. Let's just say that I burned the midnight oil watching Netflix to avoid my business for several months. 

But I didn't quit. Instead, I stuck it out, pushed myself to tell myself the truth and am now stronger for it. I love my business again!

Something deep in my core told me if I walked away from my business with that frame of mind, my lack of self confidence and belief would follow me around for years to come. Believing in myself again would be a long hard road if I gave in to the desire to quit. I was determined to never quit something under those circumstances.

I do believe that it is okay to walk away when you are being led towards a new venture. We should all have the freedom to change our circumstances. 

The key is knowing why you are wanting to walk away. Make sure that you are moving on to something else because you feel led in that direction for positive reasons and aren't running away because you feel like a failure. Be true to your core beliefs.

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Work through the process I outline below to decide if moving on is for the best or if sticking it out and working through the junk is really what you need to do.  

Ask yourself why you want to give up. 

Every decision should start with asking yourself the hard questions. Do you want to quit because you really do think it has run its course and you are being led another way? Or are you feeling like you can't find success so you want to quit and never face it again? 

Maybe you are feeling pulled to another venture or have lost your passion for where you find yourself now.

But perhaps you just simply feel stuck, defeated and worn out. If so, there are ways to work through that and find the excitement you once had. 

There is a way to rejuvenate your passion for your goal. Don't give up on it until you know for sure!

Tell yourself the truth.

Lots of times the thoughts that are swirling in our mind are lies that we are telling ourselves. You may be saying that you want to do something new or move on in another direction when really you are telling yourself subconsciously that you can't be successful. That you don't have what it takes. 

Try these strategies to help you flesh out the truth. 

Journal. Grab a pen and paper and just start writing. Let your mind think freely about the issue and see where it leads you. Often times the truth will rise up suddenly. 

Talk it over with a friend or mentor. Talking it over with someone that doesn't have an emotional attachment to my goal helps me to see it from their point of view. It also helps me to hear myself speaking it. This forces me to be honest with myself. It is hard to hide from the truth when you are sharing your struggles with a friend or mentor. 

Give yourself time to process through it. 

My husband and I were in the process of buying a new car recently. I started off wanting a zippy, sporty car (just call it a midlife crisis averted). I picked it out and thought I had found my car. We decided to go home and sleep on it. 

I woke up the next morning feeling unsure about the car. The idea that my boys wouldn't have much leg room and we wouldn't be able to transport their friends anywhere with us confirmed that it wasn't the car for me. Thankfully, sleeping on it helped me to analyze the question of which car we should buy a little more clearly. I walked away with a practical minivan that I am actually loving.

Never make a hasty decision, especially when it comes to walking away from a dream that was once a fire in your belly. Take the time to process through it, see it from all sides, and never make a fast decision.

It is okay to take a new path towards a new goal or dream. But it's never smart to walk away from something because you feel defeated or not skilled to make it happen. 

Has there been a time that you almost walked away from a goal because it seemed too hard? How did you decide to stick it out? Leave me a comment and share your story with me.