How To Make Time To Rest and Recharge AND Make More Money In Your Business

This past weekend my husband, Eric and I snuck away with another couple to a cabin tucked away in the woods. It was a weekend to recharge and refresh. 

Check out our amazing cabin! So quaint!

 This was our cabin for the weekend. Isn't it awesome?!

We slept late, ate great food, hiked and enjoyed sitting around the fire. We didn't let ourselves talk about business or work too much and we each made a point to take some time to be still and quiet. 

I came back refreshed and recharged. Because of this time away I feel energized and creative in my business again. 

When I became an entrepreneur six years ago, I thought that the more hours I worked the more money I would make. I was anxious when I wasn't working because I worried that everything that I had worked so hard for would come crumbling down.

In the past, if I had taken three days off to get away with my husband and not focus on work at all like I did this past weekend, I would have been a nervous wreck. I would have felt like my business was going to crumble.

I told myself the lie that the only way to be successful in my business was to work nonstop. I found myself exhausted and emotionally depleted. Instead of spending more quality time with my kids, which was one reason I started my business in the first place, I was impatient and emotionally withdrawn from them. 

I knew something had to change. I had to find time to enjoy life, rest, and spend quality time with my family.

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Entrepreneurs are often celebrated for wearing multiple hats and working extreme amounts of hours. But working without rest or time to recharge can lead to burn out, jeopardizing not only your business but your health and family life. 

Taking time away from your business will allow your creative juices to flow and in turn help you make more money. It isn't about quantity of work done, it is quality of work done that makes the difference in our bottom line. 

Why is taking time to recharge so important for your business?


Taking time to rest helps your body and mind to release the stress that is weighing you down. An over amount of stress wrecks havoc on your creativity. Not to mention the energy that is wasted on holding on to all of that stress.


Your best ideas pop out when you are relaxed and in a free thinking mode. Creativity is at its best when you aren't under the pressure of a looming deadline.


Taking some time to get away from your work is a great time to evaluate how things are going and to decide on what adjustments need to be made. Its also a great time to take a look at your performance and see what changes you need to make. These answers are easier to find when you are relaxed.


Taking some time to break away from your normal schedule gives you the chance to celebrate all that you have already accomplished. This can be a forceful drive to get back home after your vacation or rest and get back to work. Even if you aren't away on vacation, find time each week to take a few moments, get outside away from your desk and reflect and celebrate all you have already accomplished. 


A short "vacation" from the hustle and bustle of the everyday can help you to remember what you loved about your business when you first got started. Capture that spirit, even in small ways, through relaxing breaks in your routine.

Why is taking time to rest and recharge so important for your business?

One of the biggest secrets of a successful business is often overlooked by overachievers - the refueling principle. Simply put, you get more done quicker when you take a step back to recharge your body and brain.

Here Are Four Ways You Can Include Rest in Your Schedule...


Studies show that performance increases after breaks of all lengths, long vacations to short 30 second breaks. My favorite way to ensure that I take necessary breaks during my work day is through "Batching". I love how Michael Hyatt explains batching here.  

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Sunday is my day! Its the day that I rest and recharge. I actually like to take the entire weekend off but I usually do a little bit of work on Saturday mornings while the rest of my family is sleeping in.

I take all day Sunday off from thinking about work, doing anything that is related to work. I usually will head into my home office around 7:00 pm or so and spend about 15 to 20 minutes planning out my upcoming week so I go to bed with a clear plan for the upcoming week. But this is all the work I will do on the weekend.


My favorite hobby is reading. I can easily slip into a great book and get lost for hours. I also love to run and take walks with my dog. My favorite way to recharge during a long walk is to listen to my favorite new podcast or book on audio. 


The best way to rest from work is to completely get away from all distractions and go on vacation. Family time away or simply time away with friends can help you to recharge and sprout creativity in your business. 

Taking time to rest and recharge is key to a profitable business. Your business, health and family will thank you for it. 

How do you rest and recharge? Leave me a comment!


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