Identify This One Simple Truth and Never Feel Stuck in Your Business Again

Running a successful business has nothing to do with making money.


When I started my first business I was scared. I almost didn't do it. I almost let the fear of not knowing everything, the fear of what people would think of me and the fear of failure stop me. The potential for making great money as an entrepreneur wasn't enough for me to push through that fear. I needed something more.

As soon as this ONE thing became crystal clear I had no choice. I had to do it.

I am going to teach you that one thing and how to find your version of it.

Then you will have no choice as well. You will have to become a doer and start making your dream of owning your own business come to life in front of you.

I chat with women entrepreneurs daily that want to start their own business or have a business but are stuck. They sit paralyzed because of the fear of failure, all of the unknowns, and the doubts that run rampant in their minds. 

Do you find yourself stuck in your business? Paralyzed? 

You are probably focused on the wrong thing. 

Instead of focusing on the "how" of running your business, start with WHY you are in business. 

Yes. Knowing how to gather customers, how to market your business and how to cover expenses is important. But those aren't the most important.

The most important place to start is defining WHY you are in business in the first place. And it isn't to make money. Again, shocking!

Simon Sinek in his book "Starts With Why" defines the Why as "your purpose, cause or belief."

Your why is based on your core values, the things that mean the most to you. The talents and strengths that ooze out of you and bring you the most joy reside inside your core values, your WHY. 

I believe that all people come into this world with a distinct desire to be of value, to do something of importance and to serve others well. Your why is living inside that place. 

Once you learn to always start with your why, you will inspire those around you. You will have the drive to push through and solve any problems that come up in your business. You will maintain the energy and excitement to show up daily and get things done.

Let's get started finding your WHY!


Ask yourself these two very simple but important questions.

1. What would you do for FREE if you didn't need money to survive?

What is the one thing that when you do it you feel alive? You are filled with happiness and joy?

I love helping women feel confident. I am a great listener, I love learning everything there is to know about someone and making them feel important, and I love to see women chase their dreams. Like get in the dirt, do the hard work, and make their dreams come alive.

If I didn't need to make money and could live off of my joy filled heart, I would empower women to know their worth. Simple as that. 

2. Why would you do it for free? 

For me, when I see a women start to blossom and transform from someone who didn't believe in herself to someone that loves who she is created to be, I am energized. My life feels like it has purpose. I feel as if I am living out why I am on this earth. 

My first business was a brick and mortar women's clothing boutique.

My mom instilled in me a love of fashion and the powerful way we can feel when we are confident in the clothes that are on our backs. It isn't the expense of the clothes that matter. It's how the clothes make us feel. The clothes we wear say a lot about who we are as a person. Our personal style on the outside mirrors our personal style on the inside. Our uniqueness.

My passion for empowering women and my love of fashion was a great recipe for a solid WHY in owning my clothing store. It wasn't about how much money I could make selling clothes. That was simply the result of staying true to why I was in business in the first place.


My WHY: To empower women to feel confident enough to dress in a way that matches their uniqueness and style.

Keeping your why at the forefront of your business will give you the drive to push through and solve problems that arise. And most importantly, you will maintain the energy and excitement to show up daily in your business. 

Simply put...knowing WHY you do what you do will be the driving force for every other part to your business. Keeping your focus on your why will allow you to problem solve, take risks, and run every choice you make through your "why filter". 

Identify your WHY. Keep it in front of you always. Tattoo it on your arm if you must.

Your WHY is why you are in business. Always stay true to it!

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