What Confident Women Do Differently

We know those women. 

Confident women walk into a room with an air of grace. They aren't always the thinnest, prettiest, or even smartest. They just know who they are and are confident in their skin. They are the ones we are drawn to. We want to be these women.

Several years ago I found myself drowning in negativity and my confidence was in the tanks. I worried about what other people thought of me, acted as if the sky was falling and wasn't grateful for all the wonderful things I had in my life.

I wasn't confident as a mom, as a wife, and especially as a business owner. I was doubting every move I made and felt suffocated by my own fear. I was even pushing my loved ones and friends away.

I was a living example that negative people aren't the most fun people to be around. Positive, confident people don't want to surround themselves with negative, uninspired people. 

It was time to make a change. Fast!

I decided that working on me was well worth the time and energy. My mission was to get my confidence back and be the badass woman I was designed to be.

I opened up about my fears and lack of self worth with my husband and close friends, and I devoured every book I could get my hands on about self worth and confidence. But most of all, I prayed and journaled a ton. 

Slowly, day by day, my confidence began to grow. Each time I took a step forward and faced a fear, I felt myself getting stronger.

Now, I am on a mission to help other moms and business owners not only grow a business they love but also to be confident in who they are as moms, wives and entrepreneurs. 

After much study, practice and observation I discovered these five things that confident women do that women with a low self confidence do not do.

What do most confident women have in common?


Confident women know their purpose. They are passionate about what they were put on this earth to do. They don't waste their time or energy comparing themselves to others. Instead, they live authentically, true to who they are. 

How can you live out your purpose? Believe that you weren't put on this earth by accident. You were put here to do important, powerful things. You have a unique purpose that you were specifically designed for. Trust in that truth and stand confidently in who you are.


How we look in our clothes, a spike in sales in our business, or our kid being voted most likely to succeed are all great things that sometimes happen in our lives. But our worth, our value, doesn't come from these external accomplishments. 

Our worth comes from the creator of the universe. God made you and me for a specific purpose. Our confidence should reside in this one truth. Our creator designed us with a purpose and a plan.

Confident women know where their worth comes from. Because of this truth, they know they can tackle any obstacle that comes their way. They are grateful when good things happen, but don't find their worth in those things.

Confident women embrace whose they are, not who they are.


We can't all be ballerinas or sing on broadway. What would be the fun in that? Confident women know their strengths and aren't derailed by their weaknesses. They know they are designed with specific gifts and talents. They center their work and life around those strengths.

Do you want to feel more confident? Stick in your lane. Each day strive to grow in your strengths and let go of the things that aren't meant for you. Stop comparing yourself to others and instead, focus on your strengths and take action there. 


Confident people attract other confident people. Confident women are positive and encouraging people to be around. We all want to surround ourselves with these people because our energy automatically rises in response to their high energy. 

Confident women are also grateful for the blessings in their lives. They see the glass as half full instead of half empty. 

Are you struggling to feel confident? Start with taking the time to reflect on all you have to be grateful for. This will automatically boost your confidence and help you to focus on the positive instead of the negative. 


Confident women live in the present. They don't regret their past or worry about their future. They choose to live well today.

There is nothing from your past you can change. Yesterday is gone and you can't control tomorrow. Instead of focusing on what you can't control, find the confidence in focusing only on today. Live in the present and let tomorrow worry about itself. 

Confident women live their lives differently than most. How will you live your life today?


Rebecca Renfrow helps women business owners push forward and reach their goals so they can grow a thriving business that they love and live their life on purpose. She is also the co-owner of Socially Tailored Marketing, a freelance firm that specializes in helping entrepreneurs who want to build their brand and influence in the marketplace but feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with the ever changing rules of social media and the time it takes to learn the many facets of online marketing. She is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs live their life on purpose because otherwise, what's the point?!

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