Why You Should Read Self-Help Books (Even If You Don't Think You Need To)

I am a huge advocate of reading and listening to personal development books daily. Just a chapter or 10 pages or so each morning can change the way you see yourself and the world around you. 

Since I have made reading/listening to these types of books a daily priority I am more confident, less paralyzed by fear, and willing to take chances to push through my limitations. 

**Stay tuned for a free cheat sheet download of some of my favorite books to grow your confidence.

Here is why you should make reading a daily habit:

1. You see yourself and the world around you positively.

When you read an inspiring book you flood your brain with uplifting words and positive thinking. This keeps you in a positive place throughout your day.

Positivity attracts more positivity. When you are feeling inspired and excited about what is to come you attract more of the positive.

2. You are inspired to take positive actions. 

Most personal development books come with thoughtful prompts and activities you can take to move yourself in a positive direction.

When you are aware of your negative thought tape that runs through your mind you can replace it with encouraging self talk. This gives you the opportunity to show yourself more love, positivity and power. 

3. Your thinking is expanded.

Simply reading a personal development book won't change your life. But your thinking will expand and grow towards the positive opportunities that are out there for you. 

Approach each book as a treasure map that expands the world around you. 

4. You blow through your limitations.

You start to believe you can do more, be more, create more. This daily diet of encouraging words spurs you on to realize what you are truly capable of. When you push through your limitations you accomplish more of what you were designed to do. 

This is how you get stronger. By believing that you can do it you go out and do it, and then you take on the next challenge. Limitations start to dissipate. 

5. You create things that torpedo your growth.

All of this positive thinking, decision making, and top notch choices make you hungry for more growth and excellence. 

You now find yourself mapping out a plan for your life and taking action to get you there. 

Are you not sure which books to begin with? After reading tons of self-help books I have narrowed it down to my five favorites that I recommend to anyone who asks me which books to start with. Download my 5 Books to Grow Your Confidence cheat sheet here. It's free!

Even if you struggle at first to make it a priority, reading part of an inspiring book each day is worth it. You amplify your creativity, confidence, belief in the unknown, and positive self-image. You now know what you are truly capable of. 

Make the commitment to begin today.

What are some other benefits of reading personal development books that you have found to be true for you? What books are you loving right now? Share them in the comments below!