How My Messy Bun Hurt My Confidence

Let me start off by saying that I am a pro at the messy bun. I have watched tons of YouTube videos, have a drawer full of bobby pins, headbands, and hair ties. Dry shampoo is my favorite hair product and I have tried just about every single one on the market. So the day that I let the truth set in and finally admitted to myself that my messy bun was crushing my confidence was truly a sad day. You see, I live for simple and easy. I love to pop out of bed, wash my face, spray in some dry shampoo, pop my head over, pull up my hair, twist it on top of my head with a hair tie, pull a super cute headband on top and call it DONE for the day! I might put on some face bronzer and mascara if I am feeling frisky and call it good for the day. But I started to notice a pattern.

That realization got me thinking and I took a true look at how I was feeling in terms of my confidence and the action I was taking daily. I found myself not wanting to leave the house as much, wearing yoga pants almost every day, and not being as out going when I was out and about. For an extravert that LOVES people, making others smile and feel important, and making new friends this stung! I knew I had to make a change.

As I started to look at my daily life and how my attitude was different when I didn’t take the time to put myself together for the day I realized a few things.

1. One of my assets is my thick, bouncy hair. I take pride in keeping it healthy and vibrant. When I wear it curled and bouncy, I feel super spunky and full of life. My smile is bigger, my eyes sparkle, and my shoulders are back.

2. I associate my messy bun with relaxation and chilling out. I feel less passionate and enthusiastic when I have my hair pulled up and a face shy of makeup. My todo list doesn’t seem important and I tend to just wander through my day. I am less likely to do something outside my comfort zone on those days.

3. I am way more outgoing when I am feeling confident in my appearance. And when I am outgoing I crave people. I want to be out and about, chatting with the people I come in contact with, smiling and making people feel important. And when I do that, I am over the top confident in myself!

4. On the days that I don’t put an effort into my appearance, wear an outfit that makes me feel confident, and let the sun shine on my face, my productivity is way low. I end the day feeling down and disappointed in myself because I didn’t accomplish the things that move me forward towards my personal, family, and business goals.

Please hear me on this. I am not saying that our confidence comes completely from our appearance. That is not it at all. Confidence is a muscle that we must work, challenge, and develop in many different ways. What I am saying is that when we take pride in our appearance, feel comfortable in our own skin, be our unique self, and stand tall, our actions become more focused and we push ourselves to work that confidence muscle by pushing outside our comfort zone and trying new things.

Truthfully, I haven’t thrown away my headbands or hair ties just yet. But I have started to make a daily decision to take the time to invest in preparing for my day in a way that will put my in my post confident place. I am much more productive, my smile is bigger, I am out and about enjoying life and focusing on the things to move me closer to my goals. Give it a try!

Triple date night with my favorites and our hubbies!

Have you discovered something about you that was hurting your confidence? What change did you make? Leave me a comment!